task chairs

The single most important piece to maximize workplace productivity is a comfortable, supportive, functional and durable task chair. All the chairs reviewed here are all of those plus affordable. Check out these task chairs selected, rated and reviewed by professionals for you!

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guest chairs

When running a successful company, the people visiting your office, whether they are suppliers, clients, or customers, should be comfortable and relaxed. It's much more difficult to sell a product to someone with a back ache! Check out our top rated and reviewed guest chairs here.

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reception/side seating

Choosing reception or side seating is a great opportunity for office furniture seekers like you to express your style in the most comfortable way. We show you what's recommended and why, all you have to do is kick back in your brand new sofa chair.

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Product / Service #3

Don't think of this product or service as your third favorite, think of it as the bronze medalist in an Olympic medals sweep of great products/services.

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Since 1993

Our Goal

Office Furniture Reviews is here for you. Creating or updating an office is very exciting, however choosing the proper furniture and finding the right price can be extremely stressful. So hold on to the excitement and allow us to take the stress away. Every product we suggest is tested and examined by professionals in the office furniture field. If the product meets our high standards of quality, comfort, functionality and and is affordable for responsible, budget conscious people like you we will review it. Our reviewing process looks something like this.

  • A 0-5 star rating on each of the following. Overall quality, overall functionality/ practicality, comfort, and style.
  • Many products will include a video of a full review and display as well up close shots of specific features.
  • Lastly we will post an approximate price and where the best place to buy the product is.

Next Steps...

For more information on specific products or general questions, please contact us. If you are planning a project we may be able to help you find an office furniture company as well.